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Hanan Hadžajlić: Requiem Ex Machina

for six amplified voices


Composition »Requiem Ex Machina« for six amplified voices consists of four parts (movements) that are performed without a break: IKyrie Eleison: Death, IILux Aeterna: Children of Abraham, IIIDies Irae: When All Creation Rises Again, IVLux Perteptua Luceat Eis: Life.

The composition uses predominantly excerpts of the text from the Requiem (Introitus, Kyrie, Sequentia, Communio). I also used excerpts of Orthodox prayer, the melody of the Islamic call to prayer (without reciting the text), silent dhikr and significant numbers from gematria in establishing macro-phrases. In IILux Aeterna: Children of Abraham there is a quote by Niccolò Machiavelli from the book The Prince.

The natural tendency of the voice is linear flow. I built compact linear and vertical constructions and also used gestures that can be linked to any sound source, not just voice. In one part (movement), each performer sings two different but structurally connected layers. One layer is a metric game based on a drill beat. Extremely demanding. The performers should be as precise as if they were singing a piece by Mozart.

(Hanan Hadžajlić)

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