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Jakob Berger

Project Management
+49 (0) 711 62 90 513

Jakob Berger was born in Stuttgart. He studied musicology, philosophy and computer science in Tübingen and Cologne with a focus on electronic music and music aesthetics. During his studies he worked for the computer center of the university in Cologne. From 2007 he worked at Musik der Jahrhunderte, initially as project manager for Netzwerk Süda mediation project for contemporary music in the Stuttgart region.


Since 2010, he has been project manager and technical director for all projects of Musik der Jahrhunderte and the Neue Vocalsolisten, which are managed by the house as free ensembles. And since 2011 Jakob Berger is responsible for the project management of ECLAT Festival Neue Musik Stuttgart. At the same time he is freelancing with various technical equipment or instruments on or behind the stage.